Best of the Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano

Yamaha has done it again and made an excellent digital piano to fit the highest standards for almost all players. The brand has almost taken over the music scene, as Yamaha gained a fantastic reputation over the years for keyboards fitting all the needs of keyboard musicians and pianists alike. A pure, crisp, and clear sound with the natural feel of a real piano is exactly what you get with the new yamaha p-115 digital piano. It is time to take the leap and move beyond the P105 which came before.

Both of the models feature a full 88 keys which cull sound from the Yamaha concert grand piano, known as CFIIIS. The sounds are recorded in digital high definition and this is exactly the keyboard sound you get from the P115. The clear, vibrant sound is much closer to that of the genuine grand piano than its predecessor, the P105. There is always a need for a step up for a brand in a competitive market as quality rises between the brands. The music industry has a high level of demands and is consistently evolving. The instruments must embrace the sound.

You are looking at the same Grandhammer tech that you would find with the P105 and it will be just as good, if not better, with the P115. The newer model presents a feature here that provides proper resistance and hammer action. A sound and feel of the real piano comes forth in beautiful sound. Sounds may be adjusted to four different levels of sensitivity. Within each of these levels, you can still use the matching foot pedals which are sold separately. Create all of the qualities of sound you desire and then some.

The P115 is an excellent choice for the up and coming pianist. Its design is proper for beginners up to advanced levels, allowing for the development of proper technique. This is one area of playing the keyboards that may be lacking with the other brands and models in competition. Though they may suite the style of advanced players, they are uncomfortable for newer and intermediate players. There should be no obstacles as you practice and train to improve. The ideal keyboard is going to feel exactly like a concert piano except for its size.

It is portable at a weight of only 26 pounds and it does have a great port connection for headphones so you can practice at night without disturbing everyone else in the home. Be ready to write up some new tunes or practice what you are already working with. Find the sound and feel you are seeking. If you want to test this digital piano out before you buy from an online vendor, see if there is a store in your area that carries the model.

Usually, you will be allowed to test the piano out at the store. You will quickly find that this new Yamaha model has definitely jumped the hurdle, outdoing itself once again. At an affordable price, you can have the excellent sound of a real concert piano at your fingertips.