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Third Party Links Of Your Online Gift Card Balance And A Resplendent Example On How You Are Protected

The third party link has been a bane of concern, for good and bad reasons, for better or for worse, for a great many online consumers. Now that they have an innovative alternative online in the form of a gift card that always allow them to check their up to date gift card balance, they are not entirely free of this so-called third party or anonymous issue or concern. One thing that can put online shoppers at ease is the fact that their personal information, if any are collected, is safely secured through customer centric initiative and legal compliance.

And that is only ‘if’ any personal information is collected, because the website visitor has every right to refuse. The caveat about giving their gift card service provider the minimum info being requested – email address, legitimate name, mobile or phone number – is that the information is used to improve consumer relations. Algorithms installed can collate data on personal trends and habits and subsequently, consumers can be notified about new deals, promotions or upcoming sales on specific items that hold personal or unique value to them.

This is in contradiction to being bombarded on a daily basis on wide-scale promotions which may have no value or interest to you as an individual. It is held over to the registered gift card customer as to whether third parties may, or may not, contact him or her. Again, he or she has the right to refuse, but if permission is granted to pass over personal information, benefits can accrue. Third parties will include specialist retailers of particular interest to the unique customer. One or two examples should explain the benefit well.

You may be a wine collector, a collector of rare bottles from distinct vineyards around the world. You would want to be notified about a new vintage which may not be available in your area. Or you could be a voracious literary reader, so, you would always want to be at the top of the list when new publications from sought after authors or on subjects of interest are made available in limited volumes only. Of interest to concerned consumers should be the fact that third parties will also have their privacy and/or confidentiality at heart.  

Third party retailers and customer service providers will also be complying with regional or national privacy and/or security regulations, nevertheless, not always easy to police. One good example (for US citizens, in particular) is that of the Californian Online Privacy Protection Act. In terms of this act (and there should be acts similarly delineated in your area or national jurisdiction) no personal information will be distributed elsewhere without your specific consent. Of course, it can be easy to police whether your service provider, or third party agent, is complying with regulations. All you would have to look out for is those so-called spam mails. They will have originated from ‘somewhere’.