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It Might Be All The Rage But What Are The Quinoa Health Benefits?

Quinoa, sometimes called the ‘gold of the Incas’, fits into the diet in so many ways and has so many nutritional benefits that NASA looked into the possibility of growing it on the space station for long-term astronauts.

But what are all the quinoa health benefits and do they make such a big difference? Here are the basics. Quinoa is a seed, it has no gluten and is stocked with a plethora of other vitamins and minerals. For a reference point, if you have been on a desert island for the last five years, you can think of it like wheat or barley or other members of the grain family. It fits nicely there and as people have made vodka and beer from it the comparison is a fair one.

Quinoa is a complete protein. It has all nine of the essential amino acids which we can’t make for ourselves. This puts it on a level with meat and eggs where beans and nuts are not. Evidently, it has a great deal to offer vegetarians and vegans love it not just for the protein but also for its flexibility. As a comparison point per 100g quinoa has 14.1g of protein compared to Tofu’s 10g.

Lysine is one of those essential acids and its job is about repair and replacement in the body. Approximately 5% of the recommended daily intake for a 150lb person can be found in a cup of quinoa.

We all know the benefits of fiber and how important it is to maintain the correct levels. Brown rice has 14% of daily needs, quinoa beats it with a whopping 21% and this from a single cup serving of a cup size or 222 calories.

Quinoa has been touted as a ‘slimming food’. It is no more true for quinoa than any grains, its benefits come from the fiber which isn’t digested and so makes you feel full for longer, hopefully reducing entire calorie intake and so weight loss. For sure quinoa benefits outweigh its downsides.